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Be courageous

I am going to express controversial opinions here and it is taking courage. I know I will receive hate and name calling, but I must say something to hopefully evoke a thought process in anyone who reads it. Evoking a thought process is my goal, because the last few years have shown me people rarely think, they just accept the norm. Thought processes are what created the freedoms we all enjoy today. Everyone except the aristocrats, even white people, were at one time slaves. It takes courage to not participate in the norm. It takes courage to express opinions that do not follow the current belief system of what is right and wrong. I have a couple opinions I would like to express here that I hope will help people start to think and perhaps evoke change.

I am frightened that people watch the news and are brain washed based upon the opinions of others before actually doing research on their own. Just a few days ago, I posted on Facebook reasons why my favorite politician, Tulsi Gabbard, is leaving the democrat party. I want her to be president. People automatically accused her of being a "MAGA" and playing into the book of the Trumpists. However, I would bet my retirement these people have never actually listened to or read any of her actual beliefs. I believe she is honest and I believe she is opposed to wars that accomplish nothing. Vietnam accomplished nothing, Afghanistan accomplished nothing, Iraq accomplished nothing. If you disagree, please list me examples of how things were made better by these wars so my ignorance may end.

I have been told to keep this secret, but I actually know Donald Trump because he was my firm's client while I was working in New York. He was very nice to me, and I found him quite charismatic. I think he'd recognize me to this day. I watched him do business with people that are not white and are not christian, and he helped these people make a lot of money. Would a racist person trust a black person to do his/her business? The clips of him remarking about Mexicans being racist and the clips of him after the Charlottesville incident were all just clips. I know from my own experience Donald Trump is not a racist.

I am not christian or jewish, but I have studied American history. I follow the 10 commandments. I think our founding fathers had courage none of us can even begin to comprehend. They were the bad-asses I hope we can all become. They wrote the constitution based on Judeo-Christian values, that we are all created by God and God gave us free will. They told the monarchy to fuck off, and they said YES to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They said all men are created equal. The north denied slavery from the beginning, and we had a huge war to fight against it in the south, which thankfully was won. Slavery is wrong and evil unless done by a prisoner who was rightly convicted of an obvious crime.

People aren't learning history very well these days, but our ancestors - whether they were white, black, brown or any other color - were all slaves unless you're completely descended from aristocrats, whom I currently term elitists. I am 5% black and 10% native American, those of us who have been Americans for multiple generations are all "mutts". The elitists are our leaders right now and in order to change this trajectory, we must become bad asses and show our courage. What they say is right and if you differ from their opinions you are called a bunch of negative names: bigot, racist, homophobe, etc.

Here are a couple things that I am against regarding the current norm:

  1. The COVID response.

I was a so-called "first responder" in the beginning of COVID, shoving big QTIPS far up people's noses to test for the disease. I admit, at first the disease was scary for me, I watched every press conference with Trump, Fauci, and Birx. But after a couple weeks, I changed my opinion. COVID is sometimes severe, and sometimes deadly to those who are already ill. It is dangerous to the obese and those with other preventable conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other forms of heart disease. I consider the latter the real pandemic. We are supposed to get colds, it is a part of life that may not be pleasant but is a simple fact. Many people died of COVID because they were put on respirators, and with a respirator, the lungs forget how to breathe. When the lungs forget how to breathe, a person will die. COVID deaths were also over-reported, when a person died of a massive stroke but tested positive for COVID, they were added in the COVID death count.

There is nothing more obvious to me than the failure of the vaccines (I'm triple vaxxed by the way) and when people ask me whether they should get a booster, I say that's their choice but express my opinion that the vaccines are complete failures. The governmental mandate to vaccinate the majority of the population is a form of fascism - a government in collusion with big corporations to create tyranny. I am thankful the Daily Wire and others spent millions of their own money to fight this tyranny. Because of this, I even donated to this conservative media company. Five years ago, I would have never done such a thing.

For the record, I will not be getting a COVID booster. Since receiving the shot, my menstrual cycle has been irregular. I am in my 40s and admit it could be menopause. I am a very vaccinated person and usually get an annual flu shot. The only reason I got the COVID vaccine is I did not want to spread the disease. A few weeks later, I learned that it does nothing to stop the spread. Turns out, it doesn't prevent catching the disease either. I've done some research and had my own experience with people unvaccinated and vaccinated getting COVID, and it seems the vaccine doesn't even lessen severity. The only reason I get a flu shot is it has been been shown in study after study to reduce the chances I spread the flu to others should I be exposed. Influenza is a serious disease most don't understand. I am middle aged and healthy and easily survived COVID and the flu. My COVID lasted 3 days and included a sore throat, fatigue, and voice change. I've had worse common colds. I survived the flu a decade or so ago after 2 weeks of hell. I think it was that bird flu that wasn't made a big deal in the media.

When the COVID shut down first began, huge corporations were allowed to continue business but the little guy had to close, forfeiting his/her ability to make a living. Liquor and (in my state) marijuana stores were kept open. Gyms and restaurants were forced to close. Exercise increases white blood cell count and helps the body fight off disease, when we are in shape, we are less likely to die of COVID, and that is a fact. Obesity, alcoholism, and drug addiction spiked during the COVID response, the complete opposite of what we want as a healthy population. Obesity is a leading cause of death from COVID, in fact, obesity is the #1 cause of preventable death worldwide. Why was Walmart allowed to stay open but a hairdresser had to do his/her work illegally (or, in some cases, not at all)? Why were gyms closed but I could easily go buy a ton of alcohol and weed? How does any of this make sense?

It's fascism right before our eyes, but, sadly, most people cannot define fascism.

Masks don't work. I have seen a virus under an electron microscope. They're really small. Wearing a mask to prevent COVID or any other virus is like building a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. No surgical mask that Fred Meyer or Costco (allowed to stay open) passed out would keep anyone from being exposed to the disease. I am proud that I have spend none of my own money on masks. When I was in Las Vegas in November, masks were required in the smoky casinos unless you were drinking (which was usually something with alcohol, a poison). Masked children were walking around with their unmasked parents. Insanity. The flying and restaurant piece was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life. We are all required to wear a mask that doesn't work, but when we sit at our table or the flight attendant brings us drinks and food we were able to take them off at the same time to eat/drink. Where has common sense gone?

I get the surgeon argument constantly. Surgeons wear masks in sterile environments to protect themselves from possible things being spewed from their patient and also to not accidentally spittle in their patient's open body. They never wore them to prevent a virus.

Forcing children to wear masks in school is just plain wrong and has made the younger population more stupid and less able to do simple math and use proper english. The statistics coming out of California regarding a child's math and reading levels are horrifying. Will they be able to learn calculus or organic chemistry, necessary things for some to learn in order that society continues functioning as it currently does. You can easily find these statistics online.

I am currently learning Spanish with the goal of fluency and am so excited that I can understand pretty much everything someone says in Spanish (unless it's slang), but my speaking needs a lot of work. The second I go anywhere with someone wearing a useless mask, I can't understand them. What did this 2 years of mask wearing in school do to our children? The thought horrifies me and I believe it was child abuse.

The tests given out by the government for free are a joke. To actually test for COVID and get accurate results, you need to shove that QTIP far into the nose to the point tears are shed. Most of my clients did shed tears because I continued this practice throughout my testing of COVID, which I always added on a test for influenza. I also don't think we need to test for COVID, it's obvious we are all going to get it at some point unless we are completely solitary individuals exposed to no one. Or really lucky.

2. Transgenderism in children

I support adults choosing to live life as the opposite sex if they so choose. I have been exposed to people who used to be called transvestites most of my adult life because I lived in Greenwich Village in NYC and Capitol Hill in Seattle. These people should not be shamed or treated poorly. However, things have gone too far.

I am adamantly against puberty blockers and gender "affirming" surgery in children. When we are children, we make stupid choices. I made stupid choices as a child and am so glad transgenderism was not an option when I was young. My parents are/were very liberal and very trusting of the current opinion of the democrat party and mainstream doctors, so would have likely gone along with whatever gender I chose based upon the democrats saying it's fine and the doctors saying it's fine. I may have wanted to be a boy, I liked to do "boy" things. I had a toy boat and very few dolls except a cabbage patch kid.

No, it's not fine to block puberty and no it's not reversible. Children fantasize, and that's a beautiful thing, but as grown adults we know these fantasies are just that - fantasies. When a child receives a puberty blocker, which are the drugs used in cancer treatments and to chemically castrate pedophiles and rapists, they will fail to build adequate bone and muscle structure. This will affect their lives forever and I know this for certain. What happens to the brain and other parts of the body? I don't know and no one else does either, but if I were a betting woman I'd bet my entire IRA it alters everything. Puberty sucks, but is part of life and something we must all experience in order to become adults. When a child is given a puberty blocker during one the most important times of their growth into healthy adults, there are long term consequences. Infertility, weak muscles, and weak bones are the biggest issues on my mind.

The surgeries being performed on teenagers is child abuse. If you don't like your breasts and want to be flat chested like a man, it is my assertion you must wait until you're an adult to do so, just like you just wait until you're an adult to drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, get a tattoo, or visit a tanning bed. Complete hysterectomies, including removal of the ovaries, are being performed on girls as young as 13 in some states. I have several clients who had their ovaries removed for health reasons in their 20s and are suffering from the consequences (but thank God they're still alive).

Biological men, people with XY chromosomes, should not be allowed to compete against biological women with XX chromosomes in sports. No matter how hard I work out at the gym, which I am a gym rat, I will never be as strong as the sedentary man. This is just a fact. It's not sexist. A man will always run faster than me, the only thing I have is endurance when compared to the unfit.

Grown men should not be allowed in the changing rooms with little girls present. Grown men should not be allowed in restrooms with little girls present. When girls hit puberty and get their periods, there is a learning curve on controlling bleeding and leaking. We sometimes have to wash our underwear because of leaking. Looking back on my adolescence, I am horrified by the thought a boy would be allowed to be present in the bathroom when I was going through this change.

President Biden made a speech in March expressing parents should put their children on puberty blockers if they feel they are the opposite gender. To me, this is promoting child abuse and a lifetime of reliance on pharmaceuticals and surgeries. It's all a money making operation, these children will be bound to the pharmaceutical and medical industries for life. It's the government in collusion with the corporations providing this type of service. It's fascism.

School libraries are checking out books to children teaching them how to give blow jobs and have anal sex, amongst other sexual things. Learning of these things comes naturally, with practice, we don't need guides.

The only guide I support is teaching a woman to have an orgasm, whether it's from another man, woman, or from herself. A real problem is how many women I know who have never experienced an orgasm. And this should be learned as an adult. Ladies - you should be having orgasms. If you need guidance, I am here for you. The clitoris has more nerve endings than any other part of the body, man or woman.

When I express these opinions regarding transgenderism, I am called a homophobe and bigot. I know I am neither. I am just against child abuse.

3. Affirmative Action

Back in the 1990s, I was told affirmative action benefited the white woman the most. Currently, young women are much more successful than men. Young women make more money, are less likely to die (drug overdoses, suicide, on the job) than men. Women are more highly educated. There are more women in universities in the USA than there are men. The question I get when expressing these facts is why are executives mostly men? Because much of the time women decide to leave the work force and raise children. Only women can have babies, and only women can breast feed their infants. These are the facts of life. Yes, a man can take drugs to lactate, but they won't create enough milk to nourish their child. There are female executives, I've had lots of female bosses in my former corporate career, but fewer females than men. Women aren't being held back by the system, they are just choosing different lifestyles. Freedom of choice is happening, and it is a beautiful thing.

College admission, promotion, jobs, etc. should be based on merit and not on a person's sex or the color of their skin. When I express this opinion, I am called a racist and a bigot. I want my clients, my loved ones, myself, and every other person to have a surgeon or specialist who performed best in school and training, I don't care if they're a man, woman, black, Indigenous American, Hispanic, Asian, etc. I just care that they are the best at their specialty.

Be courageous, express your opinion and start giving zero fucks about what someone else thinks about you as a result.

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