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Body Composition Analysis

A body composition analysis can be really helpful in sustaining our motivation for getting healthier. We pay so much attention to the scale and sometimes when we stop eating junk and start working out it doesn't move. This becomes frustrating despite our efforts and leads to failure. This cycle needs to end. Perhaps you need to get rid of your scale.

If you start an effective exercise program, you will lose fat and gain muscle and this may result in total mass being stagnant. Thankfully, learning the effectiveness of your efforts only involves a fancy scale we have available at Orchard Holistic Medicine. We are offering a Holiday special for 2 readings with me for $30. I will be doing these on Saturday January 4 and Saturday February 15. They take about 10 minutes to complete. Six weeks is a good time frame between readings to see results and keep up motivation.

I find this scale quite helpful in the slow, sustainable weight loss that's important our society switch to in order to be a healthy people. Typically, we don't want to lose more than 1 pound per week. When we lose too fast, we put our bodies in stress mode and when you refeed (which you will because of survival instinct), you will gain. Fast. I see people who've lost 50 pounds in 10-20-30 diet programs or similar be 100 pounds heavier 6 months after program cessation. That's fast and that's very unhealthy.

Learn how much muscle you're gaining so you have the motivation to stick to that really important exercise regime you've started. Shout out to the ladies at my gym, Annapolis Fitness. I've gained 3 pounds of muscle this year! I'm not a large person, so that's a lot. I'd never know without the scale. There are deals going on right now at the gym if you're looking, it's a fun place to exercise for any size and age!

Change is hard. We are at a place where we need to pay as close attention to our blood sugars as we do our retirement accounts. Diabetes is causing us so much pain and costing us so much money before it ends up killing us. I can help you create sustainable change, but ultimately, you're the one that needs to be in charge. Here are some tips to get through the holidaze from the lovely Dr. Emily Mohar. I rode in a car for almost 2 hours a day for 3 years with this woman, she's brilliant.

It's December 14th, we have 16 days left in the year. We have 3 days of holiday, and maybe 5 holiday parties. That means 8 meals out of 48 will be unfortunate sugar-fat bombs. We often turn this into 48 meals out of 48, but keep it at 8. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later. Also, alcohol will make you gain fat really quickly and please don't drive drunk.

Email me at for more information or to schedule and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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