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Bring Back Science

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The definition of science is search for knowledge through study. The scientific method was first taught to me in elementary school, and then it was taught to me several times after.

In the scientific method, we first ask a question, then we do background research, then we construct a hypothesis. Hypo means low, and a hypothesis becomes a theory based on some evidence through background research to back it up. Then we do experiments to see if our hypothesis is supported, and if so, we form a theory and start conducting more experiments.

One experiment to support a theory is not all that is needed. A good scientific theory needs to be reproducible with more experiments, making the meta-analysis the gold standard of scientific study. We then determine whether the results of our theory support our hypothesis and communicate results. Reproducibility is key.

I could travel the world with you and prove that birds singing makes the sun rise. We all know that's not the case, but it's easily provable. This is why we need randomized double blind controlled trials. Humans have a hard time distinguishing between cause and effect.

Mental health in the USA is in serious trouble. The people in Mexico, even though I'm in the poorest state, seem much happier than in Seattle or New York City.

There was never any evidence depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. We diagnosed and victimized millions of people with fake science to sell them medications. Now they're dependent on these medications. It's a travesty. Anatomy of an Epidemic is a book I read in the early 2000s (thanks to Brad Lichtenstein) which opened up my eyes to the mental health crisis and how we are treating it. I highly suggest this book if you're interested.

I still can't believe we are giving children stimulants in large doses because they can't sit still in class. Humans weren't meant to sit 6-16 hours a day. You have joints and muscles for a reason. I admit, I have used these drugs to help keep me awake to study for big tests. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, my head hurt from clenching my teeth, but my studying sure was effective. Does giving children these drugs really seem like a good idea? A better idea would let those children run off some steam doing something like exercise or get them playing a musical instrument. Take them to the forest and show them an ant farm. Bring back Dodge Ball. Bring back gym class that requires mountain climbers and pushups. When I taught Yoga in Bremerton I had navy guys come to my class and I signed a paper they completed their PT. These men couldn't do a proper push up (they lowered their torso without bending their elbows).

I have been called a quack, dummy, stupid, maleducated, etc. many times for stating depression isn't a chemical imbalance in the past couple of decades. I must admit, I felt a bit vindicated last week when the new information was released. However, we now have lots of people that are dependent on these medications. They should not be stopped immediately. I can help you wean. Go on Reddit and read stories of coming off Escitalopram, Paxil, Quetiapine, etc. for a little light reading. The process is torture for these individuals. I have my own story, I may share someday.

Kelly Brogan is a psychiatrist (MD) I highly respect and love her book Vital Mind Reset. She refuses to treat vegetarians. She seems a little wacko, but give her a chance. She's really smart. She has a large online base.

Next time someone says "Trust the Science" I suggest you take all of your trust in their ability to reason away. Trusting the science for the last 40 years means you eat a bunch of vegetable based oils and high carbohydrate grains. It means you believe you're going to be airlifted to Virginia Mason if you have a steak or butter.

We even have a fat is healthy movement starting. Cosmo published a cover of an obese woman in a yoga posture with the statement "this is healthy". No it's not. Obesity kills more people than anything else, including COVID and drug overdoses. No one should ever be shamed for being fat, but it is necessary they're informed by their health care provider that being fat is really bad for health.

Science is constantly changing. Science is incredible and so is the scientific method. Let's not let the powers that be take that away.

When it comes to diet, I look to my ancestors. They were successful human beings, otherwise, I wouldn't be here. What did your ancestors eat? My ancestors ate a ton of dairy products and, specifically, animal products. I have been quite unwell the past few weeks, and found that milk was the most nourishing thing I could consume. I also drank a lot of Horchata, made from rice milk. Cheese grilled on a corn tortilla with pork fat was my savior.

Doesn't that increase mucous? Well, what's the purpose of mucous? Yes, too much mucous can indicate disease, but mucous protects us, our sinuses, our gut, the lining of our urinary tract, etc. It's actually our friend and protective. Without mucous, you would die very quickly.

Our ancestors ate a lot of meat. Root vegetables are kind of a new phenomenon when thinking in terms of geographic time. When we started cooking our food, our brains exponentially increased, so the science says.

How do we treat depression and it's related dis-eases? Start with the fundamentals - diet, exercise, stress management techniques (breathing - exhaling turns on the parasympathetics, and if you choose, evoke God), sleep, and sunshine. When I do a workout, my mood is always so much better afterwards. Never in my 100s or 1000s of workouts have I regretted doing it.

Science told us sunshine causes skin cancer. Well, overexposure can cause the forms of skin cancer called basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma, especially in white folks. They result in ugly growths, but these cancers won't spread and kill you, they just look ugly. Thankfully we have dermatologists that can easily remove these growths or use a chemotherapy cream that is torture for a bit. There is no evidence sun exposure causes the deadly melanoma. Get in the sun and get some rays. If you burn (like me) cover up after a while. Protect your eyes, though, especially if they're light.

Women are taught lifting weights will bulk us up and make us look like Hulk Hogan. I've been lifting for many years and look nothing like Hulk Hogan. When I go to the gym, I see so many women walking or running on treadmills (the most boring thing I've ever done. I'd rather sit on a plane) thinking cardio will burn fat. Cardio is important, get in the sunshine and take a walk, seek the forest for shade when needed. Take a bike ride and add in some hills. Go for a short run. But don't focus on 1-2 hours of cardio per day to get in shape. It's just not necessary and won't work. Lift weights 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes or so. Walk everyday, 10000 steps minimum, preferably outside.

Sleep is a tough one. Support your circadian rhythm. Get sunlight in the morning. Stop caffeine totally or at least early in the day if you need. Research the sleep hygiene process.

I don't sleep more than 6 hours, and I've done all the things to try and fix it - supplements, caffeine cessation, sleep hygiene, dark rooms, breathing, blue light blocking glasses, you name it. The only way I'm knocked out for more than 6 hours is with highly addictive drugs (Xanax/Lorazepam/Valium). I'm not going to use these drugs. I sleep 5-6 hours per night and have great energy throughout the day, so I think I was just born this way. My grandma didn't sleep much either, and she lived to 87, dying of a broken heart after the loss of my grandpa. I'm not going with the text book "you need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to be healthy" anymore.

Start listening to your body. Notice what it's telling you. When you're eating, first thank your food (it used to be alive) and then ask how it will serve you. You are made of what you eat. Eat foods that make a healthy body. Protein is the only macronutrient that makes lean muscle, one of the components we are most missing in the modern world.

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