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Is Green Energy really Green?

Energy is the industry that powers every other industry. When energy prices go up, the price of everything else goes up.

Fossil fuels are our main source of energy. Fossil fuels are also the only source of energy that can be naturally stored. The rest (solar, wind) need batteries to store their energy. These batteries require other environmentally damaging activities take place to be made. For the record, I'm all for solar powered stuff. I am not a MAGA, but I agree with Trump and hate wind mills. They do kill millions of birds every year. I'm a bird enthusiast. Also, they're an eye sore. I've been to Holland many times.

Every time you use plastic, that's a biproduct of fossil fuels. The price of every service or product you buy is based on the price of fossil fuels.

Start walking places and stop driving everywhere. Stop using so much plastic. Stop wearing those masks that don't work. I cannot stand Gandhi (long story - but he slept naked with little girls to prove his ability to be celibate - that's just gross and gives absolutely no thought to the feelings of those girls) but love the saying "become the change you wish to see in the world". Government policy has never been and never will be the answer.

Fossil fuels will not disappear overnight. We cannot destroy our way of life over something as dumb as thinking we can eliminate fossil fuels by flipping a switch. We need more innovation, especially in the way we store this "green" energy. Does anyone even think about the storage piece?

I am much more concerned about the soil becoming degraded than I'm concerned about carbon dioxide emissions. We are all made from the soil, and we return to the soil. Mono-crops (soy, corn, wheat, for example) destroy the soil. Our food today has up to 80% fewer nutrients now than it did 100 years ago! Nutrients come from the soil. Exponentially more animals die harvesting these plants to make your impossible burger than die for people to eat burgers made from cows.

I read The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein. I can tell this guy is smart. Good read.

For the record, I would bet my shrinking 401K that I use fewer fossil fuels than you. I don't drive, but that's just the beginning. I also don't buy a bunch of bull shit at Target, I walk everywhere, I wear clothes from 2002 and the same shoes I've had for 5 years, and I don't over consume anything. I filter my water (I am not in the USA, so filtering from the tap is not an option). I use as little plastic as possible, but this is really challenging - have you ever tried to lower plastic intake? It's hard.

I also get really annoyed when I go to a restaurant and they bring me my drink with a paper straw and then my utensils wrapped in plastic "for my safety". And what do you think makes the energy to charge your electric car? Well, last I researched, it's mostly from coal. Start using the brain you were gifted, please. If you want to see poverty go up exponentially and millions of people starve, then keep on this "green energy" streak.

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